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Of Estonians have an ID-card


Use the internet regularly


Digital signatures given so far. They help every citizen save 5 working days per year


Days per year saved with digital signature


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According to Deloitte analysis, there are four pillars of digital trust: 1) transparency and accessibility, 2) ethics and responsibility, 3) privacy and control 4) security and reliability. Estonia has over 20 years of experience in building an infrastructure for trust online, and we don’t compromise any of those aspects. 

However, the cornerstone of this secure digital society is digital identity, which today is no longer just “nice to have” but a “must-have” for both the public and private sectors. 

In Estonia, the electronic identity system, called eID, has existed for 20 years. All Estonians, no matter where they live, have a government-issued digital identity. eID and its ecosystem are part of citizens’ daily transactions in the public and private sectors. Everyone can safely identify themselves, digitally sign documents and use e-services with their ID-card, mobile-ID or Smart-ID. To name a few, would paying bills, voting online, signing contracts, shopping, checking medical records, buying real estate etc, sound more convenient when the one thing that gave you access to all of those services was your digital identity? 

While in Estonia, a person’s identity is based on a permanent individual ID code called the personal identification code, a unique combination of numbers based on the person’s gender and date of birth, the system in your country can be entirely custom-made. It can be way more advanced and modern, but you would not have to go through the processes that we experienced those past 20 years. We have many successful Estonian companies who, besides building a safe digital infrastructure and eID, have strengthened the protection and governance of data, digital assets and customers’ privacy through a secure-by-design approach.

So whether it is building a new digital identity system from scratch, verifying online identity, maintaining eID platforms, delivering policies or regulations, protecting the data and more, we have a strong partner network that can help you. 

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