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Simple, yet secure methods of authentication and digital signing are the foundations of a digital identity. Ownership must be built in to these actions to truly individualise the outcome, just as presenting documents and signing in person do in the offline world. Passwords are a costly, insecure relic that have long outstayed their welcome, and are now widely considered insufficient to protect citizens, employees, or customers from malicious actors looking to act on their behalf.

Cybernetica’s latest digital identity solution comes in the form of a tokenless, passwordless authentication and digital signing technology that has security and ownership by design. With the goal of creating a mobile technology on par with the security of the existing eID smart cards, Cybernetica researched and utilised threshold cryptography to create SplitKey. This enabled our cryptographers and security engineers to overcome the common issues seen in digital identity on mobile platforms, such as reliance on phone security, additional third-party involvement, and remote storage of keys.

SpitKey provides the security of hardware with the convenience of software, but with none of the traditional downsides these solutions present. With trust built in, SplitKey provides the next generation in authentication and electronic signing. Compliance with the highest EU regulations (eIDAS, PSD2) and EAL4+ certification ensure that signatures given using SplitKey are legally binding, equal to handwritten ones.


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Cybernetica builds mission critical systems for a smart and secure world. Our expertise ranges from secure data exchange to digital identity, i-voting, information security, situational awareness, and more. With over 20 years of experience, we have been the key partner in developing Estonian e-governance solutions.

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