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AML Bridge

AML Bridge helps financial institutions cooperate and exchange intelligence to fight financial crime more effectively.

AML Bridge: Europe’s first cross border platform & crime fighting network.

Every day, criminals successfully launder €10bn. Operating alone, financial institutions have no chance to stop this. It takes a network to beat a network.

With AML Bridge financial institutions can exchange sensitive financial crime related intelligence, easily, securely, and almost instantly.

AML Bridge is a cross-border information sharing platform and network. With AML Bridge, banks and fintechs can:
– Exchange information in real time.
– Investigate complex cases faster.
– Co-operate with trusted network members.
– Improve their crime-fighting efficiency.

Benefits of using AML Bridge:
– Speed: resolve cases in minutes, not days. 90% urgent cases handled via AML Bridge are answered in under 15min – a 200x improvement on industry averages of 24-48hrs;
– Reduced customer friction: get the intelligence you need B2B. It’s faster, more reliable, it reduces your risks of “tipping off” criminals, but most importantly, it reduces hassle for customers.
– Better SARs: delight your regulator or financial intelligence unit with more complete/accurate SARs – reducing time-wasting back-and-forths and freeing FIUs for more criminal prosecutions.
– Crime-fighting impact: lead the change you want to see in the industry – see concrete real-world impact across multiple use cases – not just AML but sanctions and fraud/scam as well.

AML Bridge has helped banks to initiate and solve thousands of collaborative investigations related to money laundering, fraud and sanctions, resulting in approximately €5-6 million recovered from criminals and returned to victims. AML Bridge has also been highlighted as one of the eight global use cases on Financial Action Task Force Report on collaborative crime fighting.

AML Bridge is used by all banks in Estonia as do many of the country’s fintechs. AML Bridge network is expanding with multiple networks growing already in Europe and the UK.



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Salv is an Estonian based regtech founded in 2018 by ex-Skype and ex-Wise co-founders. Salv redefines compliance and helps financial institutions fight financial crime with smart technology.

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