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Mobile-ID infrastructure


Equivalent to a passport

Mobile ID is an e-ID and e-signature solution, equivalent to a physical identification method in the real world – such as a passport or ID card.


Mobile first approach

Societies are connected. With a mobile in everybody’s pocket, the opportunity to use e-services is easier than ever before. This is spreading inclusion from health to finance and resistance to economic shocks.



Opening the door to e-services provides an equal opportunity to be a part of a modern society. If not, then a divide might happen instead with those who will be left out. Creating exclusion violates human rights and destabilizes communities.


Legal compliance

For trustworthy transactions to happen, we need to verify the counterparties. Mobile ID is the cornerstone of all legal e-interaction between people, businesses and the state.


Rural areas

Works on smart and basic mobile phones. It requires no additional hardware or software, no computer or card reader. Perfect for developed regions and rural areas with limited internet access and computer literacy.


Simplicity for users

When accessing a service via e-channels e.g. Internet, USSD, SMS or call centers, you use PIN1 to authenticate. When confirming a transaction PIN2.


6 months set up

Cost and time efficient. We establish a mobile ID ecosystem with the most important e-services that are open for future developments.


Trusted security

Robust tech is used to provide the highest level of assurance, including KYC procedures. The identity is embedded on a SIM card, with 30+ years of operations in billions of mobile phones worldwide. The highest level of security is achieved with elliptical curve cryptography and PK.

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Digital identity infrastructure provider, recognized by the United Nations, OECD, Google and Financial Times, U.S State Department and NIST. Trusted partner in well developed regions, and developing countries with limited internet access, low financial and computer literacy.

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