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skidsolutions smart-id


skidsolutions smart-id

Smart-ID is a new generation mobile app based electronic identity solution. With Smart-ID, all transactions are safe and secure – from customer authentication in e-channels to digital signatures that legally bear the same force as handwritten ones in the EU.

Smart-ID makes daily transactions simple and convenient for all e-service providers and end users.

During a bit more than a year since launch, Smart-ID already had over a million end users in the Baltics.

Why choose Smart-ID?

  • Convenient and fast. Simple registration. Easy to use.
  • Multi device usage. One user can have Smart-ID on several smart devices.
  • Highly secure. Our innovative solution uses advanced cryptography and proven PKI
  • Smart solution. Non-repudiation of operations and advanced clone detection
  • Cross country usage. Same eID works in different countries
  • Legally binding signatures. Qualified Electronic Signature
  • Compliant to EBA guidelines, eIDAS and PSD2 requirements

The new remote on-boarding method Automated Biometric Identity Verification (ABIV) is a simple and convenient new remote enrolment method for getting personal electronic identity solution. Biometric registration is an ideal solution if you need to register (or renew) Smart-ID account. For performing a registration process, person needs an NFC-enabled smart device, the latest version of Smart-ID app and a passport or ID-card with an electronic chip. Video introduction to Smart-ID Automated Biometric Identity Verification.

Margus Holland, Head of Digital Banking at LHV Bank said:

“”Using Smart-ID for customer authentication doubled the number of monthly new users in our mobile bank. We are very satisfied with Smart-ID regarding both the ease of technical integration, as well as convenient user experience of the application. This mindset is supported by our internet and mobile banking clients from whom already 25% are using the possibilities of Smart-ID””

The product uses the technology for which Cybernetica AS has filed a patent application or has been granted a patent.


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