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Certification Authority


We have 7+ years experience providing support to a Certification Authority (CA)


Example solution implemented:


Turnkey CA implemented in Azerbaijan.

Creating of a National Certification Authority Center, for 10 million users under the Ministry of Taxes for issuing certificates for SIM based Mobile Identity and for ID cards in Azerbaijan (including Registration Authority, OSCP service, time stamp, full documentation, ISO 27001, issuering 4 types of certificates, installation of soft- and hardware, Signing Soft, applications, etc).<ul\></ul\>

Accredited by the government.

System is functioning in production. Accredited by Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, the Centre provides digital certificates to individuals, entrepreneurs / legal entities and civil servants which can be used by means of Digital ID smart-cards and Asan İmza SIM-cards.


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Digital identity infrastructure provider, recognized by the United Nations, OECD, Google and Financial Times, U.S State Department and NIST. Trusted partner in well developed regions, and developing countries with limited internet access, low financial and computer literacy.

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