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reachu monitor security

Monitor Security – Locate, Track, Protect

reachu monitor security

Reach-U security solutions deliver real-time phone tracking and historical information with up to GPS accuracy for different emergency situations ranging from 911/112 calls to police pursuits, active shooters situations, or surveillance of terrorist activities. Our public safety and security solutions are based on mobile phone location data, working passively with all subscribers of mobile network (including prepaid and roaming), and don’t require any activity from mobile user side, no applications or any specific phones.

Monitor Security (MonSec) live positioning solution enables the police, ambulance and other rescue personnel to locate a caller even when the caller is unable to provide their location or if there are simply too many place name to consider. The application locates the caller’s mobile phone within a few seconds and places the result visually on the map. Our live positioning solution was the first of its kind in the world. The development of the solution for locating emergency callers began in cooperation with Ericsson in December 1999 and the first version of the solution was launched in 2001.

MonSec is also a powerful tool for criminal investigations:

  • Position and track suspects’ locations in real-time
  • Collect, store and process suspects’ historical location data
  • Correlate and analyze real-time data with passive locations

MonSec History Server enables to collect, store, sort and process data about a specific target to create historical overview of their activities and common habits. This tool sweeps for the passive location events that our devices activate each hours and stores them for easy analysis. Privacy is maintained by storing all personally identifiable information separately from location data, matching the two only when relevant legal channel approve.

MonSec Investigator analytics platform is developed specifically for criminal investigations. Data tracking is paired with geospatial awareness on the target as well as anyone they may encounter during surveillance. We can customize the solution to help you specifically track the information you need, including:

  • Current location
  • Movement tracking and alarms
  • Alarms based on proximity to other targets or VIPs
  • Alarms if suspects change mobile devices
  • Notifications if SIM cards change
  • Travel pattern analysis
  • All phone information within a 10-minute drive
  • Movement patterns of those near the target
  • Matrix of who was met, what phones were nearby, and interactions
  • Time-based analysis

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Purpose built software combining location and big data analytics. Active in e-Gov, Telecom and Smart Cities across 5 continents.

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