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bisly smart home functions

Intelligent Building Solution

bisly smart home functions

Buildings consume up to 40% of energy in the EU and automated energy consumption can significantly cut this rate by making buildings more energy efficient and optimising consumption and therefore costs. Bisly systems manage:

  • HVAC – Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) managed automatically to provide comfortable, healthy and energy efficient homes and working environments
  • Lighting – For maximised wellbeing and productivity, Bisly smart lighting solution can reduce energy usage by 50%
  • Access Control – A video intercom on your smartphone shows you a live image from the front door. Open doors securely from wherever you are
  • Consumption data – Being aware of your current energy consumption allows you to have control and may lead to 15-20% energy savings
  • Remote readings – With Bisly you enjoy remote reading, and all energy readings are delivered to your house management automatically

The market for building automation has great potential because of EU regulations and climate, and energy targets. Bisly is the only truly scalable smart building solution.


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Bisly is the only truly scalable intelligent building solution, built around the mission of making saving energy simple and affordable to all.

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