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Datel Sille

Early Warning System SILLE

Datel Sille

Sille can monitor a whole country, city or zoom-in on a specific building or land area. Sille monitors the shifts, deformation, sinking and subsidence of infrastructure and facilities over large areas, anywhere in the world.
With the help of the Earth’s long-range observation satellite Sentinel-1, the early warning system Sille can detect the sinking or rising of large infrastructure such as bridges, roads, highways, pipelines, major buildings and port and mining areas to within an accuracy of one millimetre. The service helps to prevent accidents resulting from infrastructure collapsing, thereby boosting safety in society.



  • e-service enables clients to monitor the sinking or rising of infrastructure in a simple mannerspace technology for everyone (SAR-radar)
  • the opportunity to look back in time – data from 2014
  • regularly updated data – systematic monitoring


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