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Reach-U demograft for urban planning

Demograft for Urban Planning

Reach-U demograft for urban planning

Demograft for Urban Planning is a web-based application for Smart City analysts, working in the areas of Urban Planning/Management. Built on top of the Demograft Location Intelligence Platform, it allows for on-the-fly queries on hundreds of billions of geospatial data points, while preserving privacy and following data protection regulation.


Algorithms and functionalities include: home-work-frequent, geofencing, demographics, timelines, hour-by-hour crowd movement, expected-additional visitors, increases in visitors, footfall, dwell time and catchment areas. Data can be stored and analysed for up to 2 years to see trends and track changes over time.

Additionally, data analytics and segmentation based on actual home, work areas and where people are frequently observed, form the real basis for emergency alerting in hazard zones.


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Purpose built software combining location and big data analytics. Active in e-Gov, Telecom and Smart Cities across 5 continents.

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