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Data-driven public transportation planning


Have you noticed that relying on registry, survey or even ticketing data for transportation planning is difficult? Transportation planners use mobile positioning data (MPD) as a source of complete and structured information on population movements.

MPD provides information on movements structured according to the estimated trip purpose as it shows the aggregated locations of homes, working time locations and all other regularly visited locations, their visit order and visit times. With it you learn about population mobility from hourly, daily, weekly and seasonal patterns to support the creation of timetables in accordance with real travel demand. MPD offers the most up-to-date insights with the largest sample, and historical data available.

New data-driven bus route network in Tartu, Estonia

In 2019, a new data-driven bus route network was launched in Tartu. This city in South Estonia has made it its mission to create a smart city for the citizens through harnessing the benefits of big data analytics. To make this vision a reality, the city government partnered with Positium and WSP Finland to create a brand-new bus route network that would satisfy the real needs of people living in Tartu.


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Positium provides the technological platform and methodology for processing mobile phone data into statistical indicators to help decision-makers understand human mobility.

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