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Ridango Contactless


Ridango Contactless

Pay-As-You-Go by EMV card is the best way to access public transport for occasional travelers, as there is no need to wonder where and how to buy a ticket, its cost, or even the type of ticket to buy.


Ridango’s EMV solution is also PCI-DSS certified, granting travelers that their transactions and card data are secure. Our contactless EMV solution is developed specifically for public transport purposes, in full compliance with Visa and Mastercard guidelines for Mass Transit (Model 2 and aggregation included). We can cover the entire EMV payment chain, starting from the tap at a validator until a settlement at the authority’s or operator’s bank account. Contactless ticketing payments are secure and encrypted, reducing the risk of internal fraud and theft while improving passenger safety.


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Ridango is a fast-growing public transport ticketing provider with a core focus on account-based ticketing, contactless payments and real-time passenger information for public transport companies.

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