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CLEVON 1 – A self-driving all-electric vehicle, which delivers goods and packages on public roads.

Clevon’s driverless vehicle will reduce the high last-mile labour costs by 80-90%, helps businesses to tackle the shortage of drivers as 1 telesupervisor is needed for 10 AVs, and last but not least, CLEVON 1 helps to positively impact clients’ carbon emission reduction targets.

Clevon has brought the future of last-mile delivery onto public roads with its autonomous multifunctional platform vehicles that enable the transportation of goods to be more energy-efficient, cost-effective and scalable. Our automation and robotics technologies make life better for people and our planet. We do this by supporting smart and sustainable communities by positively impacting our clients’ carbon emission reduction targets. On-demand delivery industries like grocery retailers, food and beverage businesses and logistics providers partner with Clevon for safe, reliable and customisable delivery solutions that are environmentally focused – all backed by a proven track record of 15 years of experience in robotics and automation technologies. Since 2022, after spinning off from Cleveron, Clevon has offered delivery services on public roads, starting with DPD (part of LaPoste) and most recently working with customers including DHL Express Estonia in Tallinn, Colruyt Group in Belgium and IKI supermarkets in Vilnius, Lithuania, delivering groceries to private customers.



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Clevon is an Estonian-based technology company that develops and manufactures autonomous robot couriers, making last-mile delivery more innovative, environmentally friendly and efficient.

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