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bikeep smart locker

Bike lockers

bikeep smart locker

Made for long term bike parking and storage of belongings for properties where space is at a premium. Your users can leave their bikes or belongings for weeks and maybe even throughout a cold winter.

  • Bikeep created a storage solution that stands out with its beauty.
  • The customizable modular shape allows you to create a beautiful architectural design by combining modules.
  • Besides conventional locking solutions, the user can add unlocking via a mobile app or a RFID card.
  • Municipalities and property owners can offer paid bike parking or storage as a service.
  • Build up your business by adding a reservation capability, charging a fee for storage or enabling 24/7 exclusive access for a fee.

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Bikeep is the leading smart commercial bike parking provider in the world. We solve big infrastructure problems with tailored micromobility solutions for municipalities, transit companies, commercial and residential properties.

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