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Ridango Contactless

Account-based ticketing

Ridango Contactless

Account-based ticketing provides the essential foundation for combining contactless ticketing and payments into a single technology platform and making it flexible.


We help to eliminate the need for a driver to sell tickets or interact with passenger as everything can be done at the validator. It also helps to increase passenger safety by removing the need for handling cash onboard a vehicle. With the account-based system, there is no legacy element or technology restrictions and it’s fully scalable and adaptable to future industry needs and requirements. Lower setup and operational costs – no need for heavy infrastructure and reduced costs for cash handling. Possibility to accept also other tokens than the ones, issued by the transit operator.

It is important to meet the growing consumer demand for same convenient ways to pay for their travels, as for other daily expenses – using their contactless payment card or mobile device. Better service for customers – less congestion, improved customer experience, Easier integrations with 3rd parties – MaaS setups, sharing economy, Park & Ride etc. Interoperability – if an open-loop global standard (like EMV) is implemented, then it enables the use of same media in various transport networks.


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Ridango is a fast-growing public transport ticketing provider with a core focus on account-based ticketing, contactless payments and real-time passenger information for public transport companies.

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