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Zelos app
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Zelos Team Management

Zelos app

Zelos is a task management solution that makes teams work more efficiently. It has been used by organizations in 72 different countries worldwide.

Our clients include the Black Nights Film Festival (EE), Ambitious Africa (FI), Odessa Film Festival (UA), multiple COVID-19 senior helplines (EE, LV) and many more.

Opening an account on Zelos takes less than 2 minutes. You can set up simple and complex projects in a friendly interface accessible both via web and mobile.


Our benefits for coordinators:

  • Live status of new tasks and announcements.
  • Participants can be sorted into groups according to skills, availability, location, et cetera.
  • A single workspace can handle a determined number of admins, volunteers, and groups.
  • Setting up even a complex project takes little time with our open API access. For example, a COVID-19 senior helpline was launched in Estonia in less than 48 hours.
  • You can award points per tasks completed and engage younger volunteers through gamification.


Our benefits for team members:

  • Get only the tasks you can help on. No more messy email chains.
  • Receive task and announcements directly on your phone.
  • Signing up to a team workspace is done with a couple of clicks.

We empower communities by providing a next-generation communication tool, so their actions can make more impact.

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Task management app for gig work and communities. Launch your own private talent marketplace! Used by staffing managers and community leaders worldwide.

Johanna-Mai Riismaa

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