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Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk

Safety system for unregulated crossings. It uses various sensors to monitor traffic in order to reduce traffic conflicts between road users.

Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk’s work reduces the average speed of vehicles in the vicinity of pedestrian crossings. It increases the yielding rates of the crosswalk while making pedestrians more noticeable to the driver. System provides statistical data about traffic and the environment.
The device includes:
• Traffic safety module to monitor surroundings to increase awareness of road users.
• Traffic data module to collect real-time data of road users for analysis and reports.
• Environmental data module to monitor the main air quality indicators in the vicinity of the pedestrian crossing.
The user can remotely monitor real-time and historical traffic and environmental data collected by the device. Data can be monitored in Bercman Management Console (BMC) – a web-based user interface. It allows to access and manage data from Bercman’s traffic management products and also to analyze the data and make conclusions and practical traffic management decisions.



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Bercman is a deep-tech company that develops AI-powered road safety products and provides hardware and software development services to support Vision Zero and the deployment of self-driving vehicles. Bercman’s portfolio includes two primary patent-pending products: the Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk, aimed to prevent accidents on unregulated crossings, and the Smart Intersection Control, aimed to improve the safety and efficiency of regulated intersections. In addition, our services include software and hardware development, mainly in IoT and autonomous platforms sector. Our goal is to pioneer new technologies that support the growth of future smart and sustainable cities.

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