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Cleveron pickup
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Robotic Click and Collect Solutions

Cleveron pickup

Cleveron creates innovative robotics-based parcel solutions in Viljandi, Estonia. Cleveron’s parcel robots enable retail and logistics companies to optimize their last mile click and collect operations and to offer an enjoyable omnichannel customer experience to the end-users.

Cleveron’s vision is to help people save time by automating the last mile processes which are the most time-consuming – waiting in a que or at home for a courier to receive the parcel. Instead, you can collect your parcel from a Cleveron parcel robot within seconds or let the courier drop your parcel off safely into your personal parcel locker.

Cleveron disrupts the retail’s last mile by creating solutions which make the parcel pickup and delivery affordable and convenient. It won’t be long until you can get your parcel delivered by Cleveron’s self-driving robot courier, soon to be seen on Estonian roads …

Cleveron pickup


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Cleveron is the innovation leader in creating robotic parcel terminals and developing last mile click & collect pickup solutions

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