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Positium Data Mediator


Positium Data Mediator (PDM) is a scalable mobile big data processing and analytics engine. PDM is suitable for use in both the public and private sectors, with applications in population statistics, mobility studies and tourism data.

Positium Data Mediator was created using methodology developed in academic cooperation with the University of Tartu. Its purpose is processing location data from several mobile network operators into meaningful and reliable statistical indicators about the aggregated locations and movement flows of people. The system uses several models in data processing to provide the highest quality results and analysis from mobile positioning data, along with data serving API and a number of interactive dashboards for dissemination, presentation and analysis of the results.

Think of it as a time machine – Positium Data Mediator can process both historical data and near-real time data feeds. The system is model-based to ensure high quality results. It can be customised based on clients’ needs, integrated with a centralised system, and is automated, making it easy to use. With PDM you can make sophisticated queries about the spatio-temporal behaviour of humans.

Statistics generated by Positium have been validated by the statistical community throughout 15 years of service.


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Positium provides the technological platform and methodology for processing mobile phone data into statistical indicators to help decision-makers understand human mobility.

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