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M2M Connectivity
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M2M Connectivity Platfrom Licensing

M2M Connectivity

Win over M2M and IoT clients by providing them with a robust subscription management platform.

By licensing the 1oT Terminal, you can start offering your customers a powerful platform for their SIM and eSIM management.

1oT Terminal is an intuitive web-based interface that allows your customers to manage deployments from a single place.

You can provide more excellent customer support by freeing your operations staff from mundane provisioning tasks. And help clients debug complicated issues.

Integrating 1oT Terminal with your infrastructure is easy. We understand that every business case is unique. Together we map your business needs and will customize every part of the platform for your use-case.

1oT will be responsible for successful launch while training your staff to make the most out of the 1oT Terminal. We are always one phone call away to solve any issue.

1oT Terminal helps you generate additional revenues by offering a layer of value-adding tools.

Suppose you are worried about the constant decrease in the prices or can’t justify the service fees for customers. In that case, 1oT Terminal Apps, with its unique monetization model, is the answer to your problems. It means you can earn back your investment in no-time through our App Store and monetization of your users.

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1oT combines everything that's needed to run a global IoT company. 1 SIM card for your global IoT deployments. 1 interface to manage SIM cards and connectivity. 1 invoice for all the SIMs, wherever they are.

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