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KIO RTLS is an indoor tracking system which enables you to locate people and objects in real time up to 10 times more accurately than with GPS, WiFi or Bluetooth.

  •  Based on Ultra-wideband radio
  •  Reliable accuracy to within 5-30 cm
  •  Track anything in 2D or 3D
  •  Works indoors and outdoors
  •  4 anchors can cover up to 1000 m2
  •  Position hundreds of tags at the same time
  •  Based on CE & FCC requirements

Key enabler for Industry 4.0:

  •  Asset tracking
  •  Production optimisation
  •  People tracking
  •  Self-navigating vehicles
  •  Quality assurance
  •  Safety and security


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Eliko makes future-proof products and services that are built to last in the changing Internet of Things (IoT) environment. We are one of the main sources of industrial R&D competence for the Estonian IT and electronics industry.

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