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Intertrust Platform

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Intertrust Platform enables businesses to securely and efficiently manage distributed data and devices at scale, no matter the location, format, or type—giving them the freedom to build the next-generation of value-added apps and services.



  • Unrivaled interoperabilityIntertrust facilitates multi-organization collaboration. Easily share data, whether stored on-premises, or in a cloud service such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.
  • Protected data exchangesSecurely facilitate governed data exchanges between partners, analytics vendors, and service providers to unlock new value in your data.
  • Persistent protectionSecure governance and data virtualization bring analytics to your data, so your data never travels. Data is always protected, even when shared over the internet or an open platform.
  • Data monetizationFrom app stores, to plug-in analytics, to data marketplaces, Intertrust lets you create customizable services tailored to your industry

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Intertrust is a trusted computing and data governance provider.

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