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IAMCS – Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control System for vessels

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We have experience more than 10 years with integrating automated system to vessels while working along side with whole vessel design giving full overview of vessel systems.

The Integrated Alarm, Monitoring and Control System (IAMCS) is a flexible and fully customizable solution for operating a wide range of vessel systems.

IAMCS consists of globally standard Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and touchscreen control Human Machine Interface (HMI) panels which are monitoring and processing data from different systems in the vessel.

Developed integration to different systems such as hybrid propulsion, navigation systems, power management, HVAC, diesel engines, safety systems etc. Remote monitoring system gives possibility to user see historical and live data with additional features as trip recording with fuel consumption, vessel speed, location etc., providing remote diagnostic and improving maintenance planning.

IAMCS is developed according to client needs and is easily upgradable.


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Baltic Workboats is a modern, well-equipped shipyard designing, building and delivering steel and aluminum workboats.

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