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reachu geodatahub
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reachu geodatahub

GeoDataHub (as-a-service) – currently available in the Baltics

Our customers are web and app developers, who build map-based solutions for:

  • logistics and delivery
  • taxies and ridesharing
  • asset and vehicle tracking

Rely on address verification for:

  • e-commerce and shipping
  • banking and insurance
  • energy and utilities

Require a certain level of service (SLA) and data protection:

  • municipal and governmental organisations
  • internal systems of larger companies


GeoDataHub (licenced solution) – Worldwide


We partner with:

  • Local governments – elping solve the problem of geodata silos for easy access and sharing of data between state agencies and 3rd parties.
  • Regional service providers – helping setup the above as-a-service business model, with monthly updates on regional data and API usage-based billing.
  • Global tech companies – helping build their own robust geoservices (and not rely on Google Maps as their need for flexibility and additional geodata increases).

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Purpose built software combining location and big data analytics. Active in e-Gov, Telecom and Smart Cities across 5 continents.

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