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Fraud & security solutions with AI


Anti-money laundering – Stay compliant with anti-money laundering regulations


MindTitan’s anti-money laundering AI model keeps banks a step ahead. Find suspicious groups and flows of money with state-of-the-art process mining techniques and deep learning to uncover previously unidentified patterns. Our approach follows more than simple hard-coded rules, rather uses artificial intelligence to reveal activities, individuals, and groups of interest. The model creates a continuously updated suspicion score for particular individuals.


  •  Do not rely only on hard-coded rules, find new patterns from data
  •  Have a suspicion score for all parties involved in potential money-laundering

Fraud prevention – Predict fraud with Artificial Intelligence

MindTitan’s fraud prevention machine learning model finds emerging patterns in suspicious data-sets about groups of people, individuals, and transactions. By understanding which of these data sources have the potential to become suspicious, and uncovering new patterns of expenditures, and directions of the flow of money, the model detects criminal activities much sooner.

  •  A bank doesn’t solely rely on hard-coded rules, instead finds new patterns from data
  •  Prevent fraud as quickly as new data is analyzed, rather than relying on how fast a human-oriented team can react to make new hard-coded rules

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MindTitan exists to help companies extract actionable business insights from their data, as well as help them understand and apply artificial intelligence to their business.

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