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1oT eSIM is an eUICC SIM card that enables swapping mobile carrier services “over-the-air” without physically changing the SIM card.

Many businesses want to expand their reach around the globe, but achieving a worldwide deployment with traditional SIM cards requires logistical acrobatics.

With 1oT eSIM, you need just one card for every global deployment. Once the devices are scattered in the field, you can use the 1oT Terminal to do the over-the-air provisioning and select the best carrier profile for each SIM.

1oT eSIM affects all the sides of the IoT business. From manufacturing to deployments and building a global company:

  • It simplifies the manufacturing because you are working with one SIM card and not making different versions of the devices suited to their destinations.
  • It speeds deployment because the devices are ready to be brought online once they are in the field, rather than waiting for a final SIM installation.
  • The ability to swap carrier profiles means that your devices will be future-proofed against coming network sunsets, pricing changes or other carrier and technology shifts.
  • With 1oT eSIMs, you can scale your IoT projects more quickly because you no longer must plan for SIM card trade-outs.

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1oT combines everything that's needed to run a global IoT company. 1 SIM card for your global IoT deployments. 1 interface to manage SIM cards and connectivity. 1 invoice for all the SIMs, wherever they are.

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