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Digital Trade Hub

The opportunity

6.7€ trillion global B2B e-commerce value by 2021. The stage is set companies to tap into that opportunity, as seamless e-trade will foster economic progress and accelerate political relationships worldwide.


The challenge

As a key to unlock the potential 6.7$ trillion market, accessible digital infrastructure has to be provided. Entrepreneurs need solutions to overcome red-tape and bureaucracy in order to access the global e-commerce.


The solution

A Digital Trade Hub provides an unprecedented opportunity to connect to the global markets. DTH will allow to trade goods on a broad scale seamlessly, benefitting from globalization and making a profound impact locally, regionally and globally.



  • Single window for export – A DTH is an e-commerce platform enabling to carry out digitally procedures related to import-export, including customs.
  • Backed by the government – Transactions are safe from fraud, since authorized users can only access the DTH. This ensures confidence in the buyers, that the sellers are who they say they are.
  • Integration with Amazon, Alibaba and eBay – Integration with global e-commerce players allows for products and services to reach buyers in all regions of the world.
  • Stronger political and economic relationships – You might ask, what’s the benefit of e-commerce. Simple. A country that can’t trade – can’t have economic relationships, because having an economic relationship is a form of trading.
  • Recognized by the OECD’s Observatory of Public Sector Innovation – The DTH in Azerbaijan was recognized as an outstanding innovation, as it generated 475 million dollars worth of goods ordered in the first year of activity, helping in the rise of +27% of in non-oil exports.



Contact info

Digital identity infrastructure provider, recognized by the United Nations, OECD, Google and Financial Times, U.S State Department and NIST. Trusted partner in well developed regions, and developing countries with limited internet access, low financial and computer literacy.

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