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State-of-the-art enterprise investment operations oversight and compliance monitoring solution for the asset servicing and asset management industry.

Depowise will give you the control and confidence to manage the regulatory pressure. Achieve operational alpha and scale the business

It’s been clear that the asset servicing industry has been underserviced from a technology perspective. Depowise’s journey started by designing the solution for the depositary and trustee service providers for which there were no one-stop solutions in the market. It caught the attention and adoption of the product by some of the well-respected global players in the industry. We then realized that our modular platform attracted adoption amongst other crucial asset servicers such as management companies, authorized corporate directors, fund administrators, custodians etc. It put us in a unique position to offer a complete solution for the industry. And whilst we continue to evolve as a product and consistently grasp customers’ needs quickly to provide the best solution that suits the market, Depowise today also services the investment management industry to solve pressing matters from front to middle and back office workflows.


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Depowise is an enterprise software solution dedicated to the asset servicing and asset management industry

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