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Veera dashboard

Cloud based financial planning and budget monitoring software for professionals

Veera dashboard

All your budgets in one place. VeeRa is a tool for creating and managing budgets. All parties from a municipality mayor to a school principal can now simultaneously work with budgets regardless of their location, the device and the software they use! Numbers that have a meaning.

veera budgets


VeeRa financial planning and budgeting software makes it possible to add comments and adjustments to all entries – it makes communication clear and changes traceable – all in one application! Numbers are easy to manage.

VeeRa enables to manage your numbers simply and conveniently through different report views. With just a few clicks it is possible to move in between a budget ́s general view and smaller details. Alternative “what if” scenarios can be considered in the process of assembling a budget!


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VeeRa is helping the best-run local governments and businesses make the world run better. VeeRa offers cloud based financial planning and budget monitoring software for professionals.

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