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Churn prediction


Customer churn prediction – Stop valuable customers leaving for a competitor

Combine MindTitan’s sales propensity AI model with individual usage, behavior, and interactions. MindTitan’s customer churn prediction model understands when customers behave in a way that indicates they will choose a competitor for a specific product, or will leave the company entirely. Using such information you can decide whether or not to rescue a client, or how. MindTitan’s customer rescue model and rescue next best offer (NBO) provides recommendations on how to rescue a client.

  •  Understand what kind of activities or events lead to a customer choosing another company
  •  Determine when, or if, a customer should be contacted to save them from leaving the you for a competitor

Employee churn prediction – Effectively invest in your workforce

MindTitan’s employee churn machine learning model analyzes the company’s human resources data to understand the factors that lead to employee churn. The machine learns from the data and understands how much must be invested in salaries to save an employee or reduce employee churn in general. It can even understand the dynamics between managers and their teams, rooting out bad managers that cause people to quit. The model helps HR managers understand the optimal balance between investing in current employees and hiring new people.

  •  Know the criterion that affects all employee segments
  •  Avoid over-investing or under-investing in your workforce
  •  Find the optimal balance between investing in the existing staff and investing in new personnel

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