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Automate customer service with AI


Intelligent chatbots

Integrating chatbots with the website can help companies to automate 100% of the chat process. Chatbots can answer 60% of questions automatically, forward 20% of conversations to salespeople if sales opportunity is signaled and send 20% of complex, non-repetitive questions to the right agents the first time.


EmailBots help to automate email communication by analysing the contents of the email and relevant data about the customer and enable to; automatically answer frequently asked questions, forward emails to the right agent the first time, prioritise emails, giving urgent problems and sales emails the highest priority, get accurate statistics about the reasons customers contact you.


CallBots can be used if the customer decides to call the company. AI-powered CallBots can transcribe and analyze the call in real-time and forward it to the right specialist for the first time. If the question is simple or common enough, the CallBot can even answer the question immediately. Using CallBot helps to reduce customer waiting times, reduce hangups from customers, answer frequently asked questions automatically and cut unnecessary call time by accurately forwarding all calls.


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