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Aitoldyou customer portal and prediction engine

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Add AItoldyou’s Quote & Book tool to your website so your clients could get quotes and accept them inside an easy-to-use, straight-forward system. No more chaos across e-mail and phone calls.


Send all spot offers out in a unified way, or give clients automated quotes on pre-defined routes on standard shipments.

Get full transparency on what was quoted and booked.

Systemise follow-ups to increase sales.

Get weekly overview on quotes given and the hit-rate. Analyse & Predict AItoldyou analyses your shipment data to learn customer booking patterns per every route. Based on that, get predictions for when clients would need to ship again and prepare quotes for them before they come asking.

By approaching clients before they quote a price, you will increase your repeat sales by 80%. Keep your clients with you!



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Customer portal and AI based prediction engine for logistics companies.

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