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AI-driven power line analysis platform that identifies defects from photos

Currently 90% of the critical infrastructure inspections are made by on-foot patrols, but these manual inspections are demanding on resources and prone to error. Power lines oftentimes cover hard to access areas such as marshes and forests with thick vegetation. Manual inspections here are time-consuming and don’t give the full overview of the assets. That is why Hepta’s customers have chosen to automate their work using drones and Hepta’s power line analysis platform. With drones, our customers can cover every type of terrain easily and take quality photos of their assets quickly. Drones allow to capture photos from angles, that are unavailable for manual inspections. And they can be equipped with different sensors for data capture, such as LiDAR and thermal cameras. All of the captured data is then stored securely and analyzed in Hepta’s analysis platform. Here the customers can deploy continuous machine learning, which allows automating up to 90% of the photo analysis work, thus analysing a vast amount of images at a rapid pace. With automated defect reports and vegetation analysis, our customers can make better and less error-prone decisions. Today Hepta Airborne is trusted to analyze over 3000 km of power lines monthly.


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Hepta Airborne gives companies the tools to succeed through its AI-driven power line analysis platform. Created and developed by industry experts with decades of experience, we know the challenges of power line inspections and how to solve them.

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