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guardtime vaccineguard

VACCINEGUARD: Reliable Vaccination Programs

guardtime vaccineguard

VaccineGuard is a digital platform that connects the different participants in the vaccine ecosystem to share data and verify its authenticity across organizational boundaries and international borders, VaccineGuard enables real-time insights, pharmacovigilance, counterfeit detection, and many other benefits enabling a faster and reliable pandemic response.

  • Manages vaccination campaigns and links vaccine supply chain information with vaccinations in clinics.
  • Provides real-time insights on vaccination uptake for public health authorities.
  •  Generates globally valid privacy-preserving digital vaccination certificates.

Benefits of VaccineGuard:

Deployment of VaccineGuard:

VaccineGuard can be implemented on-premise with APIs for integration into existing solutions. It can also be delivered as software as a service with zero systems integration required for vaccine manufacturers, public health authorities and care providers.


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Guardtime is Europe’s leading deep-tech company founded with a mission to make the world’s information universally reliable. Guardtime’s portfolio includes a full-stack infrastructure for building zero-trust systems and a range of cybersecurity and complex data management products.

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