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Dermtest Telemedicine

Telehealth support

Dermtest Telemedicine

Dermtest is a telehealth solution that patients can use to send images and well-structured descriptions of their health problems (e.g. surgical wound, diabetic foot or allergy) to their doctors. The information is entered by the patient in the secure and easy-to-use Dermtest WebApp and can be used in online consultations or as a preparation for in-person visits, if needed. The information on the health problem are displayed in a structured format and can be seamlessly integrated into Dermtest’s image management system.

This solution:

  • Facilitates access to health care for immobile patients or patients in remote places
  • Reduces waiting and transportation times often spent for doctor visits
  • Reduces cost of treatment because less infrastructure is needed

The procedure in three steps:

  1. Patients receive a secure link to upload the images and descriptions of their health problem
  2. All images appear well-documented on your computer
  3. Schedule an appointment online or using the telephone or if necessary, in person



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Digital toolbox for medical photo and image management for health care providers. Dermtest supports medical photo management for 30 different use-cases in hospitals, GPs, nursing homes and private clinics.

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