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Dermtest Medical image

Medical photo management

Dermtest Medical image

Dermtest is an image management software that provides all the tools needed to easily make, manage and use medical images that are made every day in clinical practice:

  • Make high-quality and clinically relevant images with the intuitive Dermtest App
  • Examine every detail in images with Dermtest’s image analysis tools
  • Document and archive images with anamnesis and examination results
  • Compare photos and consult with colleagues easily and securely

All images are securely archived. The software can be integrated in existing electronic health records or used as a stand-alone version. Dermtest’s customers include largest public hospitals in Estonia. It is used by 55 smaller and larger clinics, has been implemented in 4 countries and enables to manage 5000 clinical cases every month.

Dermtest uses telehealth functionalities to enable doctors of different specialties to exchange images in teleconsultations to decide on the right diagnosis and treatment. Individual checklists, PROMs and other standardized and well-tested questionnaires are available for specific use-cases.

Dermtest’s image management tools enhance the doctor’s treatment of patients together with the telehealth functionality that adds to their competence the knowledge of other specialties. All Dermtest functionalities combined provide a unique and new tool to provide high-quality health care to patients.


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Digital toolbox for medical photo and image management for health care providers. Dermtest supports medical photo management for 30 different use-cases in hospitals, GPs, nursing homes and private clinics.

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