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MASC gov

The purpose of MASC Gov is to help ensure the people in need of PPE receive the needed equipment. MASC Gov solution went live in Estonia in April 2020, and is today used by the Health Board, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, and around 300 public sector institutions in Estonia (including all hospitals).

Based on the feedback from the government institutions, the solution saves time on data gathering and improves decision-making, allowing to react to shortages in a timely manner and plan for the long term. The distribution tool simplifies the allocation process of PPE across the country, and as the system is easy to use, it can immediately be taken into active use during any crises where tracking critical supplies is necessary.

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MASC is saving lives through more transparent and reliable supply chains. MASC is gathering demand data, connecting demand with trustworthy supply, and distributing scarce resources equitably.

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