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net group schoolaby

Schoolaby – Distance learning system

net group schoolaby

Schoolaby is a revolutionary learning management platform that enables remote or hybrid learning. Either in the classroom or at home, Schoolaby keeps students, teachers and parents always on the right track.


Schoolaby provides an easy-to-use light-weight learning management system that connects countless external sources and gives teachers more freedom in compiling the courses with the most interesting and up-to-date external study materials/apps. By using LTI standard and xAPI the students’ results will be gathered automatically from these external platforms facilitating the assessment process for teachers regardless of the different sources of the resource. Personal or segmented learning paths can be composed for more impactful learning experiences.


  • Teacher – a single gateway for distance or hybrid learning with templates for designing courses and easy management of assignments, tests, grading and feedback.
  • Student – engaging study content with 24/7 access over PC and mobile.
  • Parent – ease of access to see the child’s study progress and results.
  • School – efficient management of distance learning and gateway for assignments and grading.

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