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OPIQ – a Digital Learning Platform

We collaborate with educational publishers and public sector institutions to provide a comprehensive digital curriculum service.


Opiq is the most popular digital learning platform in Estonia. We provide high-quality curriculum based digital study materials through a personalised digital learning platform. Opiq has an innovative licence model that enables to distribute the learning environment with a subscription based access. Opiq software consists of three integral parts: Opiq CMS, Opiq LMS and OpiqStat.

Opiq CMS is a publishing tool and business model for publishers. Educational publishers can transform paper textbooks into interactive study materials or create entirely new content with the Opiq CMS.

Opiq LMS is a digital personalised learning environment for schools, teachers, pupils and parents. Educational publishers can package and sell the content as needed through flexible packages and licenses in Opiq LMS.

OpiqStat is a data-based curriculum policy tool where publishers can get an overview of the usage of the study materials. Data dashboard is also useful to school administrators and educational policy makers because it will provide an opportunity for data-based curriculum development.


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Star Cloud is focused on developing software for the creation, distribution and usage of digital learning resources.

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