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Kindergarten Management Platform


ELIIS is a platform for kindergartens which is widely used across Europe. Platform was created together with Estonian and Finnish early childhood education and technology experts. ELIIS includes numerous functions for teachers, headmasters, parents but also for local governments. Currently more than 15 000 teachers use ELIIS every day.

Developing ELIIS we had 5 main goals:
ELIIS has to improve quality of early childhood education
ELIIS has to make daily work easier, faster and more convenient for teachers and headmasters.
ELIIS has to be customizable so it would meet every kindergarten needs, because we know that every kindergarten is different.
ELIIS has to be very easy to use for even those who are not familiar with computers.
ELIIS has to be secure and all the data must be protected by using the latest technologies.

Main features of ELIIS:
Digital diary and attendance, child development analysis, curriculum planning module (yearly, monthly, weekly, project plans), development goals evaluation, messages, announcements, document management, work schedule, food management, photo gallery, event calendar, detailed statistics, reports and much more.


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Eliis Software was created by five education and technology enthusiasts with the goal to improve the quality of early childhood education.

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