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Law Enforcement and Security


Most people are happily law-obedient, when it is the easiest way. It definitely is, when government agencies use our easy and convenient solutions for permitting, supervision and monitoring.


Key benefits:

  • Fast and transparent public services are a cornerstone of efficient governance.
  • Applicants are kept informed of their application status – this reduces dramatically workload and frustration on both sides of service desks.
  • Direct positive impact of such services on electorate’s life quality has direct effect on building their trust towards authorities and regulations.
  • Human errors as a major security risk can be avoided or at least they can be traced down afterwards – often in proactive manner.


  • Local Area Plannings Proceedings System of Tallinn was the first to provide all the benefits above.
  • Transboundary Waters e-service was awarded for significantly improving Estonian search and rescue capabilities – saving human lives!
  • Overspeed Camera system not only makes speed tickets automatic, but being automatically cross-operating with other e-Gov system, is an important part of internal security framework in Estonia.
  • The Solution for Permitting and Inspections in Montgomery and Roanoke County, Virginia. It contributed into awarding the county as one of three most successful e-Governance counties in US of year 2016.

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Datel empowers smart communities from the United States to Asia. Through delivering multiple e-government systems, Datel has enabled the transformation of traditionally analog and manual services to digital and efficient systems across continents.

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