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Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital transformation is a strategic process. When led by your government, digital transformation plays a crucial role in the initiation, development, motivation and inclusion that will unlock numerous opportunities for digital success across every sector in your society.

The most important topics for our work with central and local governments are the country-specific digital maturity model and the digital transformation roadmap.

eGA experts assess your country’s digital maturity and assist in developing a digital transformation roadmap. This will give you an understanding how your vision and high-level goals can be converted into measurable actions.

Moreover, we support you in digital transformation policy planning and implementation. This may include institutional capacity building, organisational structure and process redesign, models for public-private partnership, and regulatory framework development.

Thus, your government can focus on the main opportunity presented by digital solutions – making a sustainable social and economic impact.


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eGA is a non-profit think tank and consultancy organisation for empowering central and local government decision-makers to make digital transformation happen.

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