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State Shared Service Center Process Automation Portal


The aim of the project of centralisation of state shared services was the reduction of employees of support services by 40%, to improve the quality of state accounting, to develop a paper-free accounting process and make the comparable management data available both on central and institutional level.

At starting point there were 253 state agencies with independent financial accounting, HR accounting and payroll calculation systems in Estonia. There were 14 different accounting software solutions and 11 different HR accounting software solutions in use and there was no common reporting system. Main function IT systems were not linked to financial or personnel accounting software.

All agencies spent separately money on the development of those different softwares.

As a result of the project:

  • all state agencies are using common financial software,
  • all invoices are processed in e-invoice environment,
  •  financial and HR information is available on web-based reporting system,
  •  a self-service environment is developed for information concerning vacations, business trips, trainings and assets,
  •  quality of accounting has approved,
  •  number of employees of support services has reduced by 24%,
  • in 2017 not only is the financial, HR and payroll accounting centralised within administrative areas of ministries but it is consolidated into a single public authority – State Shared Service Centre.

State employees are especially satisfied with the self-service environment because it has reduced the bureaucracy within the agencies and made processes a lot faster.


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