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Oversized and/or Overweight Vehicle Permitting system


Datel has developed different permitting systems over the years including transport sector permits systems. The Oversized and/or Overweight Vehicle Permitting system simplifies procedures for issuing transport permits for driving large and/or heavy vehicles on public roads.

Main functionalities:

  • Applying for special permits for large and/or heavy vehicles.
  • Automatic issuing of a permit under standard conditions.
  • Semi-automatic issuing of a permit under special conditions.
  • Within the application, you can see the permits issued.
  • Applicants are kept informed of their application status.
  • Monitoring system to ensure road safety and mass compliance with public roads.

Key benefits:

  • Convenient to use. The complete digital permitting system.
  • Helps to be better equipped to plan for the future and understand challenges related to roads.
  •  Helps to prevent the breakdown of small public roads.

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