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Emergency Alert is a solution for understanding population’s spatial distribution and movement dynamics before, during and after disasters, to make smarter planning decisions and respond to an emergency timely and adequately, thus saving lives and minimizing damage.

Emergency Alert solution provides valuable understanding about population density and movement patterns at event area. In addition to benefiting from the constant inflow of up-to-date information, it also provides extra value if combined with other datasets (critical infrastructure & topographic maps, flooded areas, evacuation routes, etc).

Although being prepared is a vital part of emergency response, taking action immediately and adequately is sometimes even more important. Emergency Alert solution enables to distribute civil warning messages to any mobile phone in a geofenced area and notify anyone who is now or could be in danger, plus get a comprehensive list of who is contacted. It helps to re-route traffic quickly in case of accidents or send evacuation route information in case of an emergency – floods, landslides, earthquakes, wildfires or tsunamis. SMS messages can be sent to the relevant mobile phones based on real-time location, historical location or combination of both, thus reaching as many threatened people as possible.

With Emergency Alert you get information on anyone who is:

  • Currently in a specified area
  • About to enter a specified area
  • Tied to that area based on historical data
  • Likely to travel through that area

It is also possible to send tailored messages for each group to have them shelter in place, avoid dangers, or change responses as they enter or leave the designated area.

Our public safety and security solutions are based on mobile phone location data, working passively with all subscribers of mobile network (including prepaid and roaming), and don’t require any activity from mobile user side, no applications or any specific phones.


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