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e-Notary and State Heritage Register


e-Notary offers contract templates and all the necessary data can be requested from 17 different registers with just a few mouse clicks, the preparation of contracts is fast and easy. As a result, the e-Notary system has increased the efficiency of notaries’ work. Last but not least, all clients can securely obtain a legally valid electronic copy of their contracts from the citizen portal free of charge.


The e-Notary is useful because it:

  • Acquires data about the parties to a transaction and the object of a transaction from other registers
  • Helps the notary to compile notarial deeds
  • Registers notarial acts
  • Helps the notary to digitally sign notarial deeds
  • Helps to calculate notary fees and state fees
  • Compiles invoices for the payment of notary fees and pre-filled payment orders for the payment of state fees
  • Sends data about transactions to other national registers
  • Stores the transaction with the related data in the digital notarial archive
  • Helps notary to register apostilles
  • Compiles notarial statistics

In a satisfaction survey of e-Notary users, 86 % of the notaries were satisfied with the e-Notary system and 99% found it to be functional and user-friendly.


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