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Secure data-exchange for interoperability


B.EST Solutions is the first company to export the X-Road solution outside of the Estonia since early 2010.

It allows exchanging data over secure encrypted channels. A technological foundation for valuable e-governmental services – the kinds that improve the lives of people and businesses by being available anytime, anywhere.

How it works

The secure data exchange platform connects two partner information systems using the following steps:

  1. Identifies the partner
  2. Creates a secure channel between systems
  3. Encrypts the communication end to end
  4. Digitally signs each transaction
  5. Creates file logs of the data usage
  6. Time stamps the file logs




Since the launch in 2001 by the Republic of Estonia, has been working without any downtime surviving the worlds first cyber conflict in 2007.



Traditional attacking vectors cannot be used with due to its structure and architecture.



An unlimited amount of servers can be connected together, making it affordable for any sized infrastructure.


Cost efficient

With low maintenance cost, vendor and technological neutrality it is affordable for sized infrastructure.


Contact info

Digital identity infrastructure provider, recognized by the United Nations, OECD, Google and Financial Times, U.S State Department and NIST. Trusted partner in well developed regions, and developing countries with limited internet access, low financial and computer literacy.

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