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ektaco voting

Voting and congress management system

ektaco voting

In Estonia, Ektaco has won the open public tenders for voting systems for nearly two decades, and today, the integrated session management systems developed by us are operational:

from August 2012, at the Estonian Parliament

from August 2015, at the Tallinn City Council

from August 2020, Remote delegate application at the Estonian Parliament

The level of system automation has been maximized. The delegate’s desk features a control box with an information display which allows:

  • submit and withdraw requests for statements and requests for speech
  • voting
  • calling for delivery man
  • browsing the agendas
  • view detailed voting results, etc

The continuous development of our specialists and the use of modern development tools allows providing comprehensive voting system solutions which serve the following purposes:

  • to provide more functional and reliable tools for executive and assisting personnel along the an improved overview of what’s going on
  • to simplify and streamline the work flows for system operators
  • to enhance user convenience and provide immediate feedback
  • to improve ergonomics
  • to simplify maintenance and administration
  • to improve reliability



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