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cybexer pentest module

Vulnerability Visualisation Tool

cybexer pentest module

The cybersecurity market provides a plethora of scanning tools for assessing the state and security of IT systems. However, one of the main difficulties with current solutions is their highly technical and obscure nature which can inadvertently hide the necessary vulnerability information. In addition, they fail to provide a timeline-view of the IT system’s history with details of any changes, additions or removals.

CybExer’s Vulnerability Visualisation Tool (VVT) is a solution that aims to fix this issue by ingesting the scanners’ data and presenting the results in a uniform format that enables quick identification and resolution of critical issues in any IT environment. Importantly, VVT allows to ingest data from different security scanners, enabling the end user to compare and correlate the results. VVT delivers a clear and quick overview of IT systems and their vulnerabilities.

These functionalities of VVT are invaluable for assisting decision-makers and technical responders in identifying and prioritising cyber vulnerabilities: to enable a triage of which vulnerabilities should be responded to as a first priority, and which can be dealt with later. This is an especially valuable capability for the mitigation of large-scale cyber-attacks or effects stemming from widespread cyber vulnerabilities where urgent collaboration and prioritisation is needed (e.g. with the release of a large number of patches).


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CybExer Technologies is a NATO-awarded cybersecurity company. We empower organisations in their fight against cyber threats by focusing on the human aspect of cybersecurity.

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