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Proactive cybersecurity services

Technical security testing, assessment and advisory services for organisations who want to improve their real-world cybersecurity.

Cybernetica offers a systematic approach to information security

• We assess and review your critical systems or components cybersecurity situation.
• We can identify and map organisational assets and business processes, carrying out asset-based risk profiling.
• We help your organisation in analysing existing or planning new information security management system.
• We test your systems to identify vulnerabilities and provide suggestions for improvements.

What we can do for you?
Our team of experts will help you map your assets, assess and test their security.
Security Testing Services

• Penetration Testing (pentesting)
• Cloud Security Testing
• PCI Compliance Services
• Source Code Review
• Architecture Review
• Vulnerability Scan

Assessment Services

• Asset Discovery and Inventory
• Threat Audit
• Digital Footprint Analysis

Advisory Services

• ISO 27001 Compliance Services
• Access and Key Management Support
• Tailored Services & Consultations


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Cybernetica builds mission critical systems for a smart and secure world. Our expertise ranges from secure data exchange to digital identity, i-voting, information security, situational awareness, and more. With over 20 years of experience, we have been the key partner in developing Estonian e-governance solutions.

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